About the Southern Property Rights Council

The economy of the southern region of the United States ‐ in fact our way of life ‐ is highly dependent on secure, affordable, and reliable energy.Though the U.S. has abundant and diverse sources of domestic energy, our energy challenges are great: we face a complex array of often‐competing federal and state taxes, regulations; extensive global oil market risks; increasing world‐wide competition for energy; and rising environmental concerns imposed on our businesses from outside the south that impact the South's largest corporations operating on a global level.  Confronting those challenges while continuing to invest in economic recovery and growth creates a number of seemingly difficult,

​​but necessary state‐level energy policy choices simply in order to ensure that southern states do not lose ground to other states in the area of modern energy technology such as solar energy.

​The Southern Property Rights Council, Inc. (SPRC) through its Georgia Property Rights Chapter, was significantly involved in educating state energy policymakers in the 2015 Georgia legislative session regarding these policies.  We expect that additional educational efforts of the SPRC should  have a similar and significant positive impact for the other southern states that neighbor the state of Georgia irrespective of partisan considerations.The Southern Property Rights Council is therefore broadening our efforts to nearby states, including Alabama and Tennessee.