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The Southern Property Rights Council, Inc. has been recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(4) non‐profit corporation.  Financial contributions may be made through PayPal using the "Donate" button above or via check or money order through U.S.  

​Mail to the following address: The Southern Property Rights Council, Inc.  c/o Aaron Kowan:

Aaron J. Kowan, Esq.
The Tower above the Four Seasons
75 Fourteenth Street
Suite 2250
Atlanta, Georgia 30309

​Please make checks payable to SOUTHERN PROPERTY RIGHTS COUNCIL, INC.  

CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NOT DEDUCTIBLE AS CHARITABLE DONATIONS.  Please seek the advice of your CPA or tax attorney regarding whether a donation to this 501(c)(4) may be deducted as business expenses.  Contributions are non‐refundable. Please be advised that it is expected that 100% of the amounts received by the Southern Property Rights Council, Inc. will fund lobbying expenditures. For additional information or to discuss your contribution please contact our President, Mr. Aaron Kowan, Esq.  Telephone: 678-539-6201.

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