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Energy Independence Creates New Challenges

Georgia’s economy - in fact our way of life - is highly dependent on secure, affordable, and reliable energy. Though the U.S. has abundant and diverse sources of domestic energy, Georgia’s energy challenges are growing just as energy independence becomes a reality. We now face a new century, one with a growing complex array of competing energy resources, complicated federal and state taxes, and increasingly complex and new energy regulations, along with a still recovering Georgia economy.  In this mix, both individuals and businesses now more than ever are struggling to invest in and deploy new energy technologies which have proven to reduce energy costs and make it easier to comply with new regulations.  Solar energy is one such proven technology.

The Modern Age of Energy

Today in America, we still face extensive global oil, natural gas and coal market risks. Dangerously extreme weather patterns are more common and extreme heat now regularly stress the electric power grid all across the country. 

Amid these stresses, electric consumers are now demand more and more control, more certainty, and most importantly, more and better choices in how they meet their electricity demands. 

Confronting these growing challenges requires new and smarter investments in modern energy technology.  Electric utilities must adapt to the 21st Century.  Change in the electric power sector is now essential to the long-term economic health of the Georgia economy. The future is now.

Solar Financing

With the passage into law of Georgia HB 57 last year, the “Solar Power Free Market Financing Act of 2015,” has now cleared the way for all of Georgia’s electric customers to choose solar energy and to choose the best financing options (including financing based on the output of the solar energy system) that enable a solar energy investment to be the most affordable. 

By now allowing common sense solar financing in the state of Georgia, the government is no longer limiting individual freedom by eliminating competition.

Under the law, Georgia is now poised to become competitive with other states which, for years, have given American homes, businesses, churches, schools and military bases the freedom to save money through financing options that reduce the upfront cost of solar installations.  By updating the law for the 21st century, Georgia no longer has outdated electric utility laws that prevent Georgians of modest means from taking advantage of these same financing options which will save them money on their utility bills.

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