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Solar Financing 

With the passage into law of Georgia HB 57, the “Solar Power Free Market Financing Act of 2015,” Georgia has now cleared the way for Georgians to choose solar energy and to choose the financing option that makes that energy investment the most affordable. 

By now allowing common sense solar financing in the state of Georgia, the government is no longer limiting individual freedom by eliminating competition.

Georgia is now poised to become competitive with other states which, for years, have given American homes, businesses, churches, schools and military bases the freedom to save money through financing options that reduce the upfront cost of solar installations.  By updating the law, Georgia no longer has outdated electric utility laws that prevent Georgians of modest means from taking advantage of these same financing options which will save them money on their utility bills.

We know are expanding our efforts to Georgia's neighboring states and anticipate future legislative initiatives in Tennessee and Alabama.


Competition:  The South's electric power market is dominated by monopoly utility laws and has not changed its business model in a century.  It is supported by government regulations that encourage a higher than necessary cost of electricity.  Our economy thrives on energy innovation, competition and choice which all reduce electricity costs.  Our efforts support putting property owners in charge of their energy options and clear the way for innovative solar companies to meet that changing customer demand and lowering the cost of electricity for us all.

Ratepayer savings: Private investment in rooftop solar reduces the need for utilities to build expensive traditional power plants and transmission infrastructure, which can help keep rates low for all state residents. We need to clear the way for this cost-saving private investment in our energy infrastructure on your property.

Economic growth: Solar energy keeps energy dollars invested or spent here at home, in our own communities. By putting solar on roofs, solar creates local construction jobs that cannot ever be outsourced.  Nationally, solar job growth has significantly outpaced the general economy. Solar energy financing alternatives will attract investment from national and international companies, and create thousands of new local jobs, which is essential as the South still recovers from a record recession.​

​Smarter Resource Use:
Private solar investment reduces the amount of water that regulated utility power plants use for steam and cooling of their massive power plants. Solar improves the farmer’s ability to irrigate their fields, as well as the South's waterways for fishing and boating, as well as other outdoor quality family time. 

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